SCOAP3 Forum

SANLiC participation in the SCOAP3 open access initiative is very important because, aside from the direct benefits, it informs South Africa about the future with regard to transition from an electronic resource system based on subscriptions to an open access system. SANLiC represents South Africa on the SCOAP3 Governing Council, the decision-making body of the partnership responsible for its overall governance and strategic direction. The Governing Council is composed of representatives from countries that contribute to SCOAP3. The Governing Council appoints the Executive Committee and the Working Groups and meets at least once a year.

The end of 2016 is an important milestone for SCOAP3 because it marks the end of phase one (2014-2016) which was funded by South Africa on a reduction in subscriptions basis and the start of phase two (2017-2019) which will be funded on the basis of share of authorship.

Once a year, SCOAP3 holds a Forum. This is a public conference call which attracts a wider audience. Everyone (including publishers, individual libraries, and persons curious about SCOAP3, irrespective of their involvement with the initiative) can hear the latest public news, and ask questions or clarification.

Recording of the SCOAP3 Forum 2016 available

December 7, 2016 SCOAP3 Team

SCOAP3 held its third Forum, on December 1st and 5th, 2016. This year’s Forum focused on the review of the first 3 years of the initiative and an outlook on the next 3 years.

A recording of the webinar is now available here
The video and the accompanying slides provide information on

  • the review of the first 3 years of the initiative (2014-2016),
  • the outlook on SCOAP3 Phase 2 (covering the years 2017-2019),
  • the impact of SCOAP3 in terms of article downloads.