For publishers

Publishers are encouraged to approach SANLiC with offers which recognise the collective purchasing power of the SANLiC members. While we would love to meet you to discuss new offers, we will nevertheless require you to complete and submit the SANLiC Product Offer Template. In addition to a completed Product Offer Template, your offer must be accompanied by a title list in KBART format (if applicable) as well as any promotional or offer material you may wish to submit. SANLiC will also ask you to utilise the SANLiC Model Consortium Agreement and Model Institutional License which can be found in the Important Documents List below.

Standardisation assists all concerned to better understand terms and conditions. These documents have been developed as a combination of best practise internationally together with local legal requirements.

Why does SANLiC require title lists in KBART format?

A knowledge base is a database in which information is collected and organised and can be searched by users. Data stored in the knowledge base must be correct and up-to-date. Errors in this data result in errors in the knowledge base, which means that library users will not be able to find the book or journal that they are looking for.

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Value-Added Tax (VAT)
The South African (SA) VAT legislation requires all foreign electronic service entities to register for VAT in SA, where the total value of electronic services supplied in SA exceeds ZAR50 000 (roughly USD 3,500). It is the responsibility of each publisher to register as a VAT vendor and ensure they comply. For more information, visit the South African Revenue Service (SARS) website or this link to  view their VAT REGISTRATION GUIDE FOR FOREIGN SUPPLIERS OF ELECTRONIC SERVICES. This Binding General Ruling for Electronic Services is also important for producing valid tax invoices, credit and debit notes and advertised or quoted prices in relation to VAT.

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