The #SANLiC2021 conference will be virtual and will be held on 3-5 August 2021!

Conference objectives
The primary objective is to provide a venue for the exchange of ideas and information in support of scholarly electronic resource management among member institutions. The intended beneficiary groups are e-resource librarians and other personnel at member institutions who have an interest or stake in scholarly electronic resource management.

Secondary objectives include:

  • Providing a meeting place where E-resource librarians have a space to learn new things, exchange ideas and engage with each other.
  • Increasing awareness and knowledge among librarians about available electronic scholarly information resources.
  • Creating a platform for publishers to interact with e-resource librarians within the context of consortium membership.

We intend to achieve these objectives through the delivery of a high-quality virtual conference with perpetual access to content that remains useful.

Conference Content
Delegates will be invited to submit abstracts for lightning talks or poster presentations on relevant topics. A call for abstracts will follow. Potential delegates and vendors are encouraged to contact the SANLiC team with ideas of how to ensure the conference will be attractive and engaging. All suggestions are welcome including speakers, topics, format and the virtual exhibition hall. All programme content will be pre-recorded with the exception of panel discussions and Q&A.

More announcements and details will follow.

Registration fees
Delegates are encouraged to register under the banner and associated benefits of an institutional registration, open to all universities, research institutions and vendors (publishers and agents). Once an institution registers, they will pay a single institutional registration fee which will incorporate the following benefits:

  1. The right for all their staff and students to register for the conference at no further cost. Individuals will however, be required to register in order to secure attendance access at the conference as well as post conference access to conference material.
  2. A virtual exhibition stand should they wish it, to showcase their work, products and services. The exhibition stands will be accessible via the exhibition hall. Delegates will be incentivised to visit the stands.

Delegates who are unable to register under an institution, either because they do not belong to one or because their institution did not register, may register as individuals.

Registration UnitCategoryUnit typeUnit Price
Institutional registration

One fee per institution. Unlimited number of individuals may register. Includes a virtual exhibition stand.
Member - Very Small< 1 000 FTEs or headcountR2 000
Member – Small 1 000 - 14 999 FTEsR5 000
Member – Medium 15 000 - 29 999 FTEsR7 500
Member – Large > 30 000 FTEsR10 000
VendorR12 500
Other institutionsNon-member or non-vendorR12 500
Non-institutional Registration

In cases where institutional registration is not possible
IndividualFrom member institutionsR2 000
IndividualNon-membersR3 000
Vendor AdvertisingPlenary vendor presentation10 Minute slot / 20 Minute slot R10 000 / R20 000
Landing pageAdvertising rights per dayR10 000
Programme pageAdvertising rights per dayR10 000
Plenary auditoriumAdvertising rights per dayR10 000
Breakaway roomAdvertising rights per dayR5 000
Networking loungeAdvertising rights per dayR10 000
SponsorshipsPlease contact the SANLiC office for sponsorship opportunities.

Feedback from the #SANLiC2019

The #SANLiC2021 conference will draw on the experience gained and feedback from previous conferences and apply this to the opportunities and challenges presented by virtual conferencing. This is what some attendees had to say about the #SANLiC2019 conference:

I want to thank you for the great conference. We found it very informative and your arrangements were very good.
Chrissie Boeyens, Co-ordinator Acquisitions and E-Resources, University of Pretoria

The fact that you could get us such esteemed international speakers is a wonder! I learned so much and really the tide is turning, the message is finally getting to the decision makers at our institutions.
Faith Zalekile, e-Resources Librarian at UJ

I was truly impressed with the level of engagement you succeeded in generating and it was a delight to participate.
Colleen Campbell, OA2020

Many thanks for your welcome and this great congress. I really appreciated the format and the opportunities for us to interact with the community… as well as the gala dinner.
Sacha Devillers, CAS